Adventures of the little blue people and their arch-foe, Gargamel.

Innocuous Hanna-Barbera cartoon based on the Belgian cartoon figures. Something of a nightmare to catalogue as the DVD episode order doesn't match the transmission order - and the transmission order has a deranged continuity wherein Smurfette appears in episodes before she was 'created' in the episode entitled The Smurfette.
I've tried anyway.

BIG live action + cgi movie coming in 2011!

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1.5The Astrosmurf09/12/1981 8:30 amNBCUSA77
1.6Jokey's Medicine09/12/1981 8:30 amNBCUSA
1.3Vanity Fare09/12/1981 8:30 amNBCUSA1010
1.7St. Smurf and the Dragon09/19/1981
1.8Sorcerer Smurf09/19/1981
1.10The Magical Meanie09/19/1981
1.11Bewitched, Bothered and Be-Smurfed09/26/1981
1.4King Smurf09/26/198199
1.9The Smurfs and the Howlibird09/26/1981
1.15Soup a La Smurf10/03/1981
1.13Dreamy's Nightmare10/03/1981
1.16All That Glitters Isn't Smurf10/03/1981
1.17Romeo and Smurfette10/10/1981
1.19Smurphony In 'C'10/10/1981
Sideshow Smurfs10/17/1981
Sir Hefty10/24/1981
Painter and Poet10/31/1981
The Fountain of Smurf11/07/1981
1.18The Hundredth Smurf11/14/1981
1.2The Smurfette11/21/198199
1.1The Smurf's Apprentice11/28/198177
The Clockwork Smurf11/28/1981
1.12Smurf-Colored Glasses11/28/1981
The Smurfs and the Money Tree12/05/1981
1.14Fuzzle Trouble12/05/1981
The Adventures of Robin Smurf09/18/1982
S-Shivering S-Smurfs/Sister Smurf09/25/1982
The Three Smurfketeers10/02/1982
Squeaky/The Kaplowey Scroll10/09/1982
The Lost City of Yore10/16/1982
The Impostor King10/23/1982
Smurfs at Sea10/30/1982
The Raven Wizard11/06/1982
The Return of the Clockwork Smurf11/13/1982
The Prince and the Peewit11/20/1982
Sleepwalking Smurfs/Smurf Me No Flowers11/27/1982
The Stuff Dreams Are Smurfed Of/The Box of Dirty Tricks12/04/1982
Once in a Blue Moon/All Creatures Great and Smurf09/17/1983
The Magic Earrings09/24/1983
Born Rotten/The Tear of a Smurf10/01/1983
The Smurf Who Would Be King10/08/1983
Speak for Yourself, Farmer Smurf/A Hovel Is Not a Home10/15/1983
Clumsy Luck/Willpower Smurfs10/22/1983
Wedding Bells for Gargamel/To Smurf a Thief10/29/1983
A Hug for Grouchy/The Magic Rattle11/05/1983
The Chief Record Smurf/Smurfing in Sign Language11/19/1983
Good Neighbor Smurf/The Smurfstone Quest11/26/1983
Symbols of Wisdom/Blue Eyes Returns09/16/1984
The Traveler/A Pet for Baby Smurf09/23/1984
The Incredible Shrinking Wizard09/30/1984
Smurf on Wood10/07/1984
The Pussywillow Pixies10/14/1984
A Circus for Baby10/21/1984
The Patchwork Bear/Hefty and the Wheelsmurfer11/11/1984
Smurfing for Ghosts/The Gargoyle of Quarrel Castle11/18/1984
Stuck on Smurfs/Puppy09/21/1985
The Masked Pie Smurfer/Sassette09/28/1985
Mud Wrestling Smurfs/The Sand Witch10/05/1985
The Dark-Ness Monster10/12/1985
Marco Smurf and the Pepper Pirates10/19/1985
Happy Unhappiness Day to You/The Great Slime Crop Failure10/26/1985
Things That Go Smurf in the Night/Alarming Smurfs11/02/1985
Smurfquest: Part 1/Smurfquest: Part 209/13/1986
Grouchy Makes a Splash09/20/1986
A Loss of Smurf09/27/1986
The Littlest Viking10/04/1986
The Scarlet Croaker10/11/1986
The Royal Drum10/18/1986
The Tallest Smurf/Essence of Brainy10/25/1986
Future Smurfed/Crying Smurfs11/01/1986
The World According to Smurflings/The Enchanted Quill11/15/1986
Reckless Smurfs/Head Over Hogatha11/29/1986
Sleepless Smurfs/Cut-Up Smurfs09/26/1987
Wild About Smurfette/Sing a Song of Smurflings10/03/1987
Castaway Smurfs/Legendary Smurfs10/10/1987
Nobody Smurf10/17/1987
Scruple and the Great Book of Spells/Bouncing Smurf10/24/1987
Soothsayer Smurfette/Crooner Smurf10/31/1987
Little Big Smurf/Locomotive Smurfs11/07/1987
The Magic Sack of Mr. Nicholas/Swapping Smurfs11/14/1987
The Return of Don Smurfo11/21/1987
Smurf Pet/Timber Smurf11/28/1987
Stop and Go Smurfs/Poet the Know-It-All12/05/1987
The Lost Smurf09/10/198893
A House for Nanny10/01/1988
Long Live Brainy10/08/1988
A Maze of Mirrors10/15/1988
Smoogle Sings the Blues/A Smurf for Denisa10/22/1988
Smurf the Presses10/29/1988
Cave Smurfs09/09/1989
Shamrock Smurfs09/16/1989
Karate Clumsy/Like It or Smurf It09/23/1989
A Fish Called Snappy/The Smurf Odyssey09/30/1989
Fortune Cookie/Imperial Panda-Monium10/07/1989
Hefty Sees a Serpent10/14/1989
The Clumsy Genie/Scary Smurfs10/21/1989
Gnoman Holiday10/28/1989
Curried Smurfs11/04/1989
Big Shot Smurfs/No Reflection on Vanity11/11/1989
Bananas Over Hefty/Smurfs of the Round Table11/18/1989