Wizards of Waverly Place

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Crazy 10 Minute Sale10/12/2007
1First Kiss10/19/2007
1I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain10/26/2007
1New Employee11/02/2007
1Disenchanted Evening11/09/2007
1You Can't Always Get What You Carpet11/10/2007
1Alex's Choice11/16/2007
1Curb Your Dragon11/30/2007
1Pop Me and We Both Go Down01/06/2008
1Potion Commotion02/10/2008
1Little Sister03/09/2008
1Wizard School: Part 104/06/2008
1Wizard School: Part 204/06/2008
1The Supernatural05/18/2008
1Alex in the Middle06/15/2008
1Report Card06/29/2008
1Credit Check07/06/2008
1Alex's Spring Fling07/20/2008
1Art Museum Piece08/31/2008
2Smarty Pants09/12/2008
2Beware Wolf09/21/2008
2Graphic Novel10/05/2008
2Alex's Brother Maximan10/19/2008
2Saving Wiz Tech: Part 110/26/2008
2Saving Wiz Tech: Part 210/26/2008
2Harper Knows11/23/2008
2Taxi Dance12/07/2008
2Baby Cupid12/14/2008
2Make It Happen01/01/2009
2Fairy Tale01/25/2009
2Fashion Week02/15/2009
2Helping Hand02/16/2009
2Art Teacher03/01/2009
2Future Harper03/15/2009
2Alex Does Good04/05/2009
2Hugh's Not Normous04/12/2009
2Don't Rain on Justin's Parade - Earth04/19/2009
2Family Game Night04/26/2009
2Justin's New Girlfriend05/02/2009
2My Tutor, Tutor05/29/2009
2Paint by Committee06/26/2009
2Wizard for a Day07/10/2009
2Cast-Away (to Another Show)07/17/2009
2Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place07/24/2009
2Wizards vs. Vampires: Tasty Bites07/31/2009
2Wizards vs. Vampires: Dream Date08/07/2009
2Wizards & Vampires vs. Zombies08/08/2009
3Monster Hunter10/23/2009
3Three Monsters10/30/2009
3Night at the Lazerama11/06/2009
3Doll House11/20/2009
3Marathoner Helper12/04/2009
3Alex Charms a Boy01/15/2010
3Wizards vs. Werewolves01/22/2010
3Positive Alex02/26/2010
3Detention Election03/19/2010
3Dude Looks Like Shakira04/16/2010
3Eat to the Beat04/30/2010
3Third Wheel04/30/2010
3The Good, the Bad, and the Alex05/07/2010
3Western Show05/14/2010
3Alex's Logo05/21/2010
3Dad's Buggin' Out06/04/2010
3Max's Secret Girlfriend06/11/2010
3Alex Russo, Matchmaker?07/02/2010
3Delinquent Justin07/16/2010
3Captain Jim Bob Sherwood07/23/2010
3Wizards vs. Finkles07/30/2010
3All About You-Niverse08/20/2010
3Uncle Ernesto08/27/2010
3Moving On09/10/2010
3Alex Saves Mason (Wizards Unleashed)10/01/2010
3Wizards Exposed10/15/2010
4Alex Tells the World11/12/2010
4Alex Gives Up11/27/2010
4Lucky Charmed12/10/2010
4Journey to the Center of Mason12/17/2010
4Three Maxes and a Little Lady01/07/2011
4Daddy's Little Girl01/21/2011
4Everything's Rosie for Justin02/04/2011
4Dancing with Angels02/11/2011
4Wizards vs. Angels02/18/2011
4Back to Max03/11/2011
4Zeke Finds Out04/08/2011
4Magic Unmasked05/13/2011
4Meet the Werewolves06/17/2011
4Beast Tamer06/24/2011
4Wizard of the Year07/08/2011
4Misfortune at the Beach07/24/2011
4Wizards vs. Asteroid08/19/2011
4Justin's Back In08/26/2011
4Alex the Puppetmaster09/16/2011
4My Two Harpers09/30/2011
4Wizards of Apartment 13B10/07/2011
4Ghost Roommate10/14/2011
4Get Along, Little Zombie10/21/2011
4Wizards vs. Everything10/28/2011
4Rock Around the Clock11/04/2011
4Who Will Be the Family Wizard?01/06/2012