Charles in Charge

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Extracurricular Activity10/10/1984
1Another Saturday Night10/17/1984
1Cousin Elliot11/07/1984
1Slumber Party11/14/198415
1Trick or Treat11/28/1984
1A Date with Enid12/05/1984
1Friends & Lovers12/12/1984
1Home for the Holidays12/19/1984
1Accidental Puppy12/26/1984
1The Commotion01/02/1985
1Mr. President01/16/1985
1Jill's Decision01/23/1985
1Pressure from Grandma01/30/1985
1Snowed In02/06/1985
1Charles 'R' Us02/13/1985
1Charles' Spring Break02/20/1985
1The Wrong Guy02/27/1985
1Mr. Brilliant03/13/1985
1Meet Grandpa04/03/1985
2The Naked Truth01/10/1987
2Feud for Thought01/17/1987
2The Egg and Us01/24/1987
2The Loan Arranger01/31/1987
2American Teen02/07/1987
2Buddy Comes to Dinner02/14/1987
2A Fox in the Henhouse02/21/1987
2Pizza Parlor Protest02/28/1987
2Trade Off03/07/1987
2Music, Music, Mayhem03/21/1987
2Buddy in Charge03/28/1987
2Isn't That What's Her Face?05/02/1987
2A Date from Heck05/09/1987
2Mama Mia05/16/1987
2Weekend Weary05/23/1987
2The Case of the Mock Turtle Mystery07/18/1987
2U. F. Oh No!08/22/1987
2Twice Upon a Time: Part 109/26/1987
2Twice Upon a Time: Part 210/03/1987
2A Job from Heck10/10/1987
2Baby Doll10/17/1987
2Lillian Putts Around10/24/1987
2Her Brother's Keeper10/31/1987
2The Undergraduate11/07/1987
3Yule Laff01/02/1988
3Piece of Cake01/09/1988
3Dorm Warnings01/16/1988
3Role Model02/06/1988
3The Extremely Odd Couple02/13/1988
3Poppa, the Sailor Man02/20/1988
3Bottle Baby02/27/1988
3Dear Charles03/05/1988
3The Pickle Plot04/30/1988
3The Buddy System05/07/1988
3Sarah Steps Out05/14/1988
3Trading Papers05/21/1988
3Five Easy Pizzas05/28/1988
3Getting In06/04/1988
3Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow06/25/1988
3Dutiful Dreamer07/09/1988
3Berkling Up Is Hard to Do07/16/1988
3Runaround Charles07/23/1988
3Where the Auction Is07/30/1988
3The Boy Who Loved Women09/17/1988
3The Blackboard Bungle10/01/1988
3The Heart Burglar10/29/1988
3May the Best Man Lose11/12/1988
4No Nukes Is Good Nukes12/31/1988
4Ninny and the Professor01/07/1989
4Duelling Presleys01/14/1989
4Adam See, Adam Do01/21/1989
4Yesterday Cafe01/28/1989
4Fatal Obsession02/04/1989
4Walter Gets a Dodo02/11/1989
4Ladies' Night Out02/18/1989
4Chargin' Charles02/25/1989
4A Fish Called Buddy03/04/1989
4Second Banana04/22/1989
4Still at Large04/29/1989
4Poetic License05/06/1989
4Charles Splits: Part 105/13/1989
4Charles Splits: Part 205/20/1989
4Curing the Common Cult05/27/1989
4Room at the Bottom07/01/1989
4A Sting of Pearls07/08/1989
4Walter's War09/09/1989
4The Organization Man09/16/1989
4Buddy's Daddy09/23/1989
4Triple Threat09/30/1989
4Aunt Vanessa10/28/1989
4It's a Blunderfull Life11/04/1989
4Bad Boy11/11/1989
4Big Bang11/18/1989
5Summer Together, Fall Apart12/30/1989
5Get Thee to a Nuttery01/06/1990
5Three Dates & A Walnut01/13/1990
5Out with the in Crowd01/20/1990
5There's a Girl in My Ficus01/27/1990
5Judge Not Lest Ye Beheaded02/03/1990
5Baby Bummer02/10/1990
5Paper Covers Rock02/17/1990
5Child Hoods02/24/1990
5Advice and Contempt03/03/1990
5Daffy Doc04/28/1990
5Buddy Flips a Disc05/05/1990
5Brain Man05/12/1990
5Don't Rock the Vote05/19/1990
5Let's Quake a Deal05/26/1990
5Up Your I.Q.06/02/1990
5All That Chaz06/09/1990
5Frankie and Mommy08/25/1990
5Lost Resort09/01/1990
5Dead Puck Society09/08/1990
5La Cage Aux Fools09/15/1990
5Teacher's Pest09/22/1990
5Almost Family10/20/1990
5Seeing Is Believing10/27/1990
5Fair Exchange11/03/1990
5Charles Be DeMille11/10/1990