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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Volcano12/03/1967 7:25 pmBBC2UK
90 Degrees South12/10/1967 7:25 pmBBC2UK1
The Garden of the Gods05/19/1968 7:25 pmBBC2UK1
Magic in the Hills09/22/1968 8:15 pmBBC2UK
Beauty and the Beasts09/29/1968 8:15 pmBBC2UK1
River of Death01/19/1969 8:15 pmBBC2UK
The Noble Savage09/28/1969 7:25 pmBBC2UK
Dream of Two Cities (Manaus vs. Brasilia)04/05/1970 8:15 pmBBC2UK
Three Men in a Balloon12/13/1970 7:25 pmBBC2UK
The Foals of Epona09/24/1972 7:25 pmBBC2UK
Monkeys, Apes and Man10/01/1972 7:25 pmBBC2UK
Alone on a Wide Wide Sea11/05/1972 7:25 pmBBC2UK
El Condor11/03/1974 7:25 pmBBC2UK1
Otter03/28/1976 7:25 pmBBC2UK
The Year of the Ladybirds10/03/1976 7:25 pmBBC2UK1