Looney Tunes

The distinction betwixt Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes originally derived from their musical content and production teams, but later the these rules were thrown out.
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I have numbered the Seasons to match which DVD Volume-Disc the cartoon appears on.

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Sinkin' In the Bathtub30
Congo Jazz30
Hold Anything30
The Booze Hangs High30
Box Car Blues30
Big Man from the North31
Ain't Nature Grand31
Up's 'n' Downs31
The Dumb Patrol31
Yodeling Yokels31
Bosko's Holiday31
The Tree's Knees31
Bosko Shipwrecked31
Sandy Claws2
Bosko the Doughboy10/17/1931
Bosko's Soda Fountain11/14/1931
Bosko's Fox Hunt12/12/1931
Bosko at the Zoo01/09/1932
Battling Bosko02/06/1932
Big Hearted Bosko03/05/1932
Bosko's Party04/02/1932
Bosko and Bruno04/30/1932
Bosko's Dog Race06/25/1932
Bosko at the Beach07/23/1932
Bosko's Store08/13/1932
Bosko the Lumberjack09/03/1932
Ride Him, Bosko09/17/1932USA44
Bosko the Drawback10/22/1932
Bosko's Dizzy Date11/19/1932
Bosko's Woodland Daze12/17/1932
Bosko in Dutch01/14/1933
Bosko in Person02/11/1933
Bosko the Speed King03/11/1933
Bosko's Knight-Mare04/29/1933
Bosko the Sheep Herder06/03/1933
Beau Bosko07/01/1933
Bosko's Mechanical Man07/29/1933
Bosko the Musketeer08/12/1933
Bosko's Picture Show08/26/1933
Buddy's Day Out09/09/1933
Buddy's Beer Garden11/18/1933
Buddy's Showboat12/09/1933
Buddy the Gob01/13/1934
Buddy and Towser02/24/1934
Buddy's Garage04/14/1934
Buddy's Trolley Troubles05/05/1934
Buddy of the Apes05/19/1934
Buddy's Bearcats06/23/1934
Buddy's Circus08/25/1934
Buddy the Woodsman08/27/1934
Buddy the Detective09/15/1934
Viva Buddy09/29/1934
Buddy's Adventures11/17/1934
Buddy the Dentist12/15/1934
Buddy of the Legion01/12/1935
Buddy's Theatre02/16/1935
Buddy's Pony Express03/09/1935
Buddy in Africa04/20/1935
Buddy's Lost World05/18/1935
Buddy's Bug Hunt06/22/1935
Buddy Steps Out07/20/1935
Buddy the Gee Man08/24/1935
A Cartoonist's Nightmare09/14/1935
Hollywood Capers10/19/1935
Goldiggers of '4911/02/1935
The Fire Alarm11/23/1935
Plane Dippy01/04/1936
Alpine Antics01/18/1936
The Phantom Ship02/01/1936
Boom Boom02/29/1936
The Blow-Out04/04/1936
Westward Whoa!04/25/1936
Fish Tales05/23/1936
Shanghied Shipmates06/20/1936
Porky's Pet07/11/1936
Porky the Rainmaker08/01/1936
Porky's Poultry Plant08/22/1936
Porky's Moving Day09/12/1936
Milk and Money10/03/1936
Little Beau Porky11/14/1936
The Village Smithy12/05/1936
Porky in the Northwoods12/19/1936
Porky the Wrestler01/09/1937
Porky's Road Race02/06/193754
Picador Porky02/27/1937
Porky's Romance04/03/1937
Porky's Duck Hunt04/17/1937
Porky and Gabby05/15/1937
Porky's Building06/19/1937
Porky's Super Service07/03/1937
Porky's Badtime Story07/24/1937
Porky's Railroad08/07/1937
Get Rich Quick Porky08/28/1937
Porky's Garden09/11/1937
Rover's Rival10/09/1937
The Case of the Stuttering Pig10/30/1937
Porky's Double Trouble11/13/1937
Porky's Hero Agency12/04/1937
Porky's Papa01/15/1938
Porky at the Crocadero02/05/1938
What Price Porky02/26/1938
Porky's Phony Express03/19/1938
Porky's Five and Ten04/16/1938
Porky's Hare Hunt04/30/1938
Injun Trouble05/21/1938
Porky the Fireman06/04/1938
Porky's Party06/25/1938
Porky's Spring Planting07/16/1938
Porky and Daffy08/06/1938
Wholley Smoke08/27/1938
Porky in Wackyland09/24/1938
Porky's Naughty Nephew10/15/1938
Porky in Egypt11/05/1938
The Daffy Doc11/26/1938
Porky the Gob12/17/1938
The Mice Will Play12/31/1938
The Lone Stranger and Porky01/07/1939
It's an Ill Wind01/28/1939
Porky's Tire Trouble02/18/1939
Porky's Movie Mystery03/11/1939
Chicken Jitters04/01/1939
Porky and Teabiscuit04/22/1939
Kristopher Kolombus Jr.05/13/1939
Polar Pals06/03/1939
Scalp Trouble06/24/1939
Porky's Picnic07/15/1939
Wise Quacks08/05/1939
Porky's Hotel09/02/1939
Jeepers Creepers09/23/1939
Naughty Neighbors10/07/1939
Pied Piper Porky11/04/1939
Porky the Giant Killer11/18/1939
The Film Fan12/16/1939
Porky's Last Stand01/06/1940
Africa Squeaks01/27/1940
Ali Baba Bound02/10/1940
Pilgrim Porky03/16/1940
Slap-Happy Pappy04/13/1940
Porky's Poor Fish04/27/1940
You Ought to Be in Pictures05/18/1940
The Chewin' Bruin06/08/1940
Porky's Baseball Broadcast07/06/1940
Patient Porky08/22/1940
Calling Dr. Porky09/21/1940
Prehistoric Porky10/12/1940
The Sour Puss11/05/1940
Porky's Hired Hand11/30/1940
The Timid Toreador12/21/1940
Porky's Snooze Reel01/11/1941
The Haunted Mouse02/15/1941
Joe Glow the Firefly03/08/1941
Porky's Bear Facts03/29/1941
Porky's Preview04/19/1941
Porky's Ant05/10/1941
A Coy Decoy06/07/1941
Porky's Prize Pony06/21/1941
Meet John Doughboy07/05/1941
We, the Animals, Squeak!08/09/1941
The Henpecked Duck08/30/1941
Notes to You09/20/1941
Robinson Crusoe Jr.10/25/1941
Porky's Midnight Matinee11/22/194121
Porky's Pooch12/27/19411
Porky's Pastry Pirates01/17/1942
Who's Who in the Zoo?02/14/1942
Porky's Cafe02/21/1942
Saps in Chaps04/11/1942
Daffy's Southern Exposure05/02/1942
Nutty News05/23/1942
Hobby Horse Laffs06/06/1942
Gopher Goofy06/27/1942
Wacky Blackouts07/11/1942
The Ducktators08/01/1942
Eatin' On the Cuff08/22/1942
The Impatient Patient09/05/1942
The Hep Cat10/03/1942
The Daffy Duckeroo10/24/1942
My Favorite Duck12/05/1942
Confusions of a Nutzy Spy01/23/1943
To Duck or Not to Duck03/06/1943
Hop and Go03/27/1943
The Wise-Quacking Duck05/01/1943
Tokio Jokio05/15/1943
Yankee Doodle Daffy07/03/1943
Porky Pig's Feat07/17/1943
Scrap Happy Daffy08/21/1943
Daffy the Commando11/20/1943
Puss N' Booty12/11/1943
Tom Turk and Daffy02/12/1944
I Got Plenty of Mutton03/11/1944
Tick Tock Tuckered04/08/1944
The Swooner Crooner05/06/1944
Duck Soup to Nuts05/27/1944
Angel Puss06/03/1944
Brother Brat07/15/1944
From Hand to Mouse08/05/1944
Buckaroo Bugs08/26/1944
Plane Daffy09/16/1944
Booby Hatched10/14/1944
The Stupid Cupid11/25/1944
Odor-Able Kitty01/06/1945
Draftee Daffy01/27/1945
Trap-Happy Porky02/24/1945
Behind the Meatball04/07/1945
Ain't That Ducky05/19/1945
A Tale of Two Mice06/30/1945
Hare Conditioned08/11/1945
The Bashful Buzzard09/15/1945
3Hare Tonic11/10/194532
Book Revue01/05/1946
1-1Baseball Bugs02/02/194622
Quentin Quail03/02/1946
Baby Bottleneck03/16/1946
Daffy Doodles04/06/1946
Hush My Mouse05/04/1946
Kitty Kornered06/08/1946
3Acrobatty Bunny06/29/1946
The Great Piggy Bank Robbery07/20/1946
Of Thee I Sting08/17/1946
Racketeer Rabbit09/14/1946
The Big Snooze10/05/1946
Mouse Menace11/02/1946
Roughly Squeaking11/23/1946
The Goofy Gophers01/25/1947
Scent-imental Over You03/08/1947
Birth of a Notion04/12/1947
Rabbit Transit05/10/1947
Along Came Daffy06/14/1947
3Easter Yeggs06/28/1947
Crowing Pains07/12/1947
House-Hunting Mice09/06/1947
Little Orphan Airedale10/04/1947
Mexican Joyride11/29/1947
A Horsefly Fleas12/13/1947
Gorilla My Dreams01/03/1948
A Feather in His Hare02/07/1948
What Makes Daffy Duck?02/14/1948
What's Brewin', Bruin?02/28/1948
Hop, Look, and Listen04/17/1948
Buccaneer Bunny05/08/1948
The Rattled Rooster06/26/1948
The Up-Standing Sitter07/03/1948
Haredevil Hare07/24/1948
The Pest That Came to Dinner09/11/1948
Odor of the Day10/02/1948
A-Lad-in His Lamp10/23/1948
Kit For Cat11/06/194843
The Stupor Salesman11/20/1948
Wise Quackers01/01/1949
Porky Chops02/12/194921
Mississippi Hare02/26/1949
Paying the Piper03/12/1949
Curtain Razor05/21/1949
1-1Long-Haired Hare06/25/194922
Hen House Henery07/02/1949
The Grey-Hounded Hare08/06/1949
Often an Orphan08/13/1949
The Windblown Hare08/27/1949
Fast and Furry-ous09/17/1949
Swallow the Leader10/15/1949
For Scent-imental Reasons11/12/1949
Which is Witch?12/03/1949
Bear Feat12/10/1949
A Ham in a Role12/31/1949
Boobs in the Woods01/28/1950
Mutiny On the Bunny02/11/1950
The Lion's Busy02/18/1950
The Scarlet Pumpernickel03/04/1950
Big House Bunny04/22/195021
The Leghorn Blows at Midnight05/06/1950
1What's Up, Doc?06/17/1950
All Abir-r-rd06/24/1950
8 Ball Bunny07/08/1950
It's Hummer Time07/22/1950
Pop 'im Pop10/28/1950
Bushy Hare11/11/1950
Caveman Inki11/25/1950
1The Rabbit of Seville12/16/1950
Two's a Crowd12/30/1950
Canned Feud02/03/1951
Rabbit Every Monday02/10/1951
Putty Tat Trouble02/24/1951
A Bone For a Bone04/07/1951
The Fair-Haired Hare04/14/1951
A Hound For Trouble04/28/1951
Rabbit Fire05/19/1951
Chow Hound06/16/1951
The Wearing of the Grin07/14/1951
His Hare-Raising Tale08/11/1951
Lovelorn Leghorn09/08/1951
A Bear For Punishment10/20/1951
Tweet, Tweet, Tweety12/15/1951
The Prize Pest12/22/1951
Who's Kitten Who?01/05/1952
Operation: Rabbit01/19/1952
Gift Wrapped02/16/1952
Thumb Fun03/01/1952
14 Carrot Rabbit03/15/1952
1Water, Water Every Hare04/19/1952
The Hasty Hare06/07/1952
Ain't She Tweet06/21/1952
A Bird in a Guilty Cage08/30/1952
Mouse Warming09/08/1952
The Super Snooper11/01/195232
Fool Coverage12/13/1952
Hare Lift12/20/1952
Don't Give Up the Sheep01/03/1953
Snow Business01/17/1953
Forward March Hare02/14/1953
Kiss Me Cat02/21/1953
A Peck o' Trouble03/28/1953
Southern Fried Rabbit05/02/1953
Ant Pasted05/09/1953
There Auto Be a Law06/06/1953
Wild Over You07/11/1953
1Bully For Bugs08/08/1953
Plop Goes the Weasel08/22/1953
A Street Cat Named Sylvester09/05/1953
Easy Peckins10/17/1953
Of Rice and Hen11/14/1953
Robot Rabbit12/12/1953
Punch Trunk12/19/1953
Dog Pounded01/02/1954
Feline Frame-Up02/13/1954
Bugs and Thugs03/13/1954
The Cat's Bah03/20/1954
Design For Leaving03/27/1954
No Parking Hare05/01/1954
Dr. Jerkyl's Hide05/08/1954
Little Boy Boo06/05/1954
Devil May Hare06/19/1954
Bewitched Bunny07/24/1954
Satan's Waitin'08/07/1954
Yankee Doodle Bugs08/28/1954
Gone Batty09/04/1954
By Word of Mouse10/02/1954
From A to Z-z-z-z10/16/1954
Lumber Jack-Rabbit11/13/1954
All Fowled Up02/19/1955
Sahara Hare03/26/1955
Sandy Claws04/02/1955
The Hole Idea04/16/1955
Ready, Set, Zoom!04/30/1955
Rabbit Rampage06/11/1955
Lumber Jerks06/25/1955
Double or Mutton07/23/1955
Hyde and Hare08/27/195521
Dime to Retire09/03/1955
Red Riding Hoodwinked10/29/1955
Roman Legion-Hare11/12/1955
Heir Conditioned11/26/1955
Guided Muscle12/10/1955
Too Hop to Handle01/28/1956
Weasel Stop02/11/1956
Broom-Stick Bunny02/25/1956
Tweet and Sour03/24/1956
Mixed Master04/14/1956
Rabbitson Crusoe04/28/1956
Gee Whiz-z-z-z!05/05/1956
Stupor Duck07/07/1956
Barbary Coast Bunny07/21/1956
Raw! Raw! Rooster08/25/1956
A Star is Bored09/15/1956
Deduce You Say09/29/1956
There They Go-Go-Go!11/10/1956
The Honey-Mousers12/08/1956
The Three Little Bops01/05/1957
Scrambled Aches01/26/1957
Go Fly a Kit02/23/1957
Cheese it- the Cat!05/04/1957
Piker's Peak05/25/1957
Steal Wool06/08/1957
Boston Quackie06/22/1957
Tabasco Road07/20/1957
Bugsy and Mugsy08/31/1957
Zoom and Bored09/14/1957
Greedy For Tweety09/28/1957
Show Biz Bugs11/02/1957
Gonzales' Tamales11/30/1957
Tortilla Flaps01/18/1958
A Pizza Tweety Pie02/22/1958
Hare-Way to the Stars03/29/1958
A Waggily Tale04/26/1958
Now Hare This05/31/1958
Dog Tales07/26/1958
Knighty Knight Bugs08/23/195821
Hook, Line, and Stinker10/11/1958
Pre-Hysterical Hare11/01/1958
Gopher Broke11/15/1958
Baton Bunny01/10/195911
China Jones02/14/1959
Hot Rod and Reel05/09/1959
A Mutt in a Rut05/23/1959
Mexicali Shmoes07/04/1959
Wild and Woolly Hare08/01/1959
The Cat's Paw08/15/1959
Here Today, Gone Tamale08/29/1959
A Broken Leghorn09/26/1959
A Witch's Tangled Hare10/31/1959
Tweet Dreams12/05/1959
The Fastest With the Mostest01/09/1960
Horse Hare02/13/1960
Goldimouse and the Three Cats03/19/1960
Who Scent You?04/23/1960
Rabbit's Feat06/04/1960
Mouse and Garden07/16/1960
Mice Follies08/20/1960
High Note12/03/1960
Cannery Woe01/07/1961
Hoppy Daze02/11/1961
The Abominable Snow Rabbit05/20/1961
A Scent of the Matterhorn06/24/1961
The Rebel Without Claws07/15/1961
The Pied Piper Guadalupe08/19/1961
Prince Violent (a.k.a. Prince Varmint)09/02/1961
Daffy's Inn Trouble09/23/1961
What's My Lion?10/21/1961
Wet Hare01/20/1962
Fish and Slips03/10/1962
Mexican Boarders05/12/1962
The Slick Chick07/21/1962
Louvre Come Back to Me08/18/1962
Honey's Money09/01/1962
Good Noose11/10/1962
Martian Through Georgia12/29/1962
The Million-Hare04/06/1963
Mexican Cat Dance04/20/1963
Now Hear This04/27/1963
Hare-Breadth Hurry06/08/1963
Dumb Patrol01/18/1964
A Message to Gracias02/08/1964
Freudy Cat03/14/1964
Nuts and Volts04/25/1964
The Iceman Ducketh05/16/1964
War and Pieces06/06/1964
False Hare07/18/1964
Senorella and the Glass Huarache08/01/1964
Pancho's Hideaway10/24/1964
It's Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House01/16/1965
Moby Duck03/27/1965
Well Worn Daffy05/22/1965
Tease For Two08/28/1965
Chili Corn Corny10/23/1965
Highway Runnery12/11/1965
The Astroduck01/01/1966
Shot and Bothered01/08/1966
The Solid Tin Coyote02/19/1966
Daffy Rents03/19/1966
A-Haunting We Will Go04/16/1966
A Squeak in the Deep07/09/1966
Swing Ding Amigo09/17/1966
Sugar and Spies11/05/1966
Quacker Tracker04/29/1967
The Spy Swatter06/24/1967
Rodent to Stardom09/23/1967
Cool Cat10/14/1967
Fiesta Fiasco12/09/1967
Hocus Pocus Pow Wow01/13/1968
3 Ring Wing Ding08/24/1968
Flying Circus10/12/1968
Fistic Mystic02/22/1969
The Duxorcist11/20/1987