The Buccaneers
The Raiders

Wednesday, 26th September 1956

Governor Rogers has to use a bit of reverse psychology to help rebuild the fort. Meanwhile, a local merchant is up to no good.

Another well done episode, with convincing effects given the time and budget. The real pirate Vane was actually hung in Jamaica in 1720. Otherwise the historical accuracy is pretty spot-on. Incidentally, both Brian Worth and Peter Bennett can be seen playing the characters they portayed in Episode 1, in addition to their speaking roles in this episode.

-Dave W.

Alec Clunes
Governor Woodes Rogers
Jane Griffiths
Ivy Van Brugh
Alec Mango
Van Brugh
Peter Hammond
Lieutenant Beamish
Hugh David
Andrew Crawford
Captain Hornigold
Brian Worth
Charles Vane
Peter Bennett
Paul Hansard
Edwin Richfield
Patrick Jordan
Unknown 902-19560926-01
Card Player
Unknown 902-19560926-02
Vane's Man
Unknown 902-19560926-03
Vane's Man

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