Danger Man
The Traitor

Sunday, 11th December 1960
 7:30 pm ITV

Drake journeys to northern India to find who is passing sensitive information "north over the mighty Himalayas" to China.

A fairly average episode, bolstered mainly by Howard's nuanced characterization of the fatalistic title character. Goddard could almost be a future reflection of an older Drake. Unfortunately, this is a bit obscured by one of the few problems with Danger Man (and almost all British TV of this period in general): the continued portrayal of Indians and Asians by very obviously English actors. This is embarassingly evident in this episode, especially when so many of the background extras are real East Indians. The fact that Warren Mitchell is the main culprit here is an irony not lost on me! This is not a complaint directed at the actors, just at the unfortunate state of things at the time.

-Dave W.

Sunday, 11th December 1960ITV1930Danger ManThe Traitor

Patrick McGoohan
John Drake
Ronald Howard
Noel Goddard
Barbara Shelley
Louise Goddard
Jack Watling
Rollo Waters
Warren Mitchell
Derek Sydney
George A. Cooper
Guy Deghy
Guard on Train
Stallholder in Market
Banarji's Customer
Banarji's Messenger
Pat Meehan
Van Horner (photo)
Chinese Soldier

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