Danger Man
The Prisoner

Sunday, 4th December 1960
 7:30 pm ITV

James Carpenter is a virtual prisoner at the US embassy in the tiny police state of Callados, convinced in absentia of espionage and sentenced to death. The only way to escape is via a bit of sleight of hand, orchestrated by John Drake with the help of Carpenter's double, who happens to be a world-class pianist.

Nicely done take on the classic "everyone has a double" idea, especially thanks to Sylvester's excellent portrayal of the two different roles. A rather ironic choice of episode titles, to be sure!

-Dave W.

Sunday, 4th December 1960ITV1930Danger ManThe Prisoner

Patrick McGoohan
John Drake
William Sylvester
James Carpenter
Oscar Schumak
(and other doubles)
June Thorburn
Sue Carpenter
William Lucas
Colonel Vasco
Michael Peake
President Juarez
Keith Goodman
Passport Officer
John Slavid
Antony Viccars
Policeman at Embassy
Unknown Male 164
Embassy Valet
Frank Hayden
Stage Manager
Passenger at Airport
Policeman at Concert Hall
Arnold Schulkes
President Juarez's Aide
Concert Hall Footman
Policeman at Airport
Manny Michael
Policeman at Airport

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