The Simpsons
Wedding For Disaster

Sunday, 29th March 2009

Season 20, Episode 15

When Reverend Lovejoy discovers that for a brief period he was not licensed to be a minister it means that when he married Homer & Marge their marriage was not legal. Desperate to make things right Homer woos Marge into marrying him again but on the wedding day he doesnt show up...
There is a funny scene with Moe at the registry office where he is queuing up to get married (blink and you will miss it!)

Homer being kidnapped and chained to a pipe in a room is a reference to Saw (2004).

Notes & Screenshots: Lord Heath

Friday, 2nd August 2019Channel 41130SimpsonsWedding for Disaster

Dan Castellaneta
Homer Simpson/Krusty/Barney
Julie Kavner
Marge Simpson/Patty & Selma Bouvier
Nancy Cartwright
Bart Simpson
Yeardley Smith
Lisa Simpson
Hank Azaria
Apu/Moe/Cletus/Sea Captain/Courier/Wiggum
Harry Shearer
Skinner/Ned/Kent Brockman/Rev.Lovejoy/Jasper
Kelsey Grammer
Sideshow Bob
Maggie Roswell
Helen Lovejoy

Lord Heath: Notes & Screenshots