The Simpsons
Mr. Plow

Thursday, 19th November 1992

20th Century Fox Television
Production Company
Gracie Films
Production Company

Season 4, Episode 9

Classic Simpsons episode with Homer buying a snow plow and making a tidy sum of money plowing people's driveways under the title of "Mr. Plow". That is until Barney goes one better and buys an even bigger plow, declares himself the "Plow King" and steals potential customers from his friend. The two are reunited after Homer saves Barney from an avalanche on a nearby mountain.

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Dan Castellaneta
Mr. Plow/Plow King/Quimby/Arnie/Abe/Krusty/Willie
Julie Kavner
Marge Simpson
Nancy Cartwright
Bart Simpson/
Nelson Muntz/
Yeardley Smith
Lisa Simpson
Hank Azaria
Moe/Sea Captain/Snake/Apu/Bumblebee Man/Farmer +
Harry Shearer
Skinner/Flanders/George Bush/Brockman et. al.
Phil Hartman
Troy McClure
Linda Ronstadt
Adam West
Pamela Hayden
The White House
White House, The

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