Carry On Laughing
Carry on Christmas: Carry on Stuffing

Wednesday, 20th December 1972

Hattie Jacques
Fiona Clodhopper/Miss Harriet/Miss Molly Coddles/Fairy Godmother
Joan Sims
Lady Rhoda Cockhorse/Miss Esmerelda/Princess Yo-Yo/Clodhopper's Mother-in-Law
Barbara Windsor
Milk Maiden/Eve/Maid/Miss Clodhopper/Aladdin
Kenneth Connor
Club Chairman/Lt. Bangham/Insp. Knocker/General Clodhopper/Hanky Poo
Peter Butterworth
Captain Alistair Dripping/Sir Francis Fiddler/Admiral Rene/Widow Holeinone
Norman Rossington
Valet/Tardy Diner/Genie of the Lamp
Jack Douglas
Mr. Firkin/Adam/Ringworm the Butler/Charles Burke/Demon King
Brian Oulton
Oriental Orator
Valerie Leon
Serving Wench
Billy Cornelius
Valerie Stanton
Demon King's Vision