Cagney and Lacey
Happily Ever After

Monday, 14th January 1985

Tuesday, 24th September 1985BBC12125Cagney and LaceyHappily Ever After

Tyne Daly
Mary Beth Lacey
Sharon Gless
Christine Cagney
Al Waxman
Lt. Bert Samuels
Carl Lumbly
Mark Petrie
Martin Kove
Victor Isbecki
Harvey Atkin
Ronald Coleman
John Karlen
Harvey Lacey
Barry Primus
Sgt. Dory McKenna
Alan Bendich
Magda Harout
John O'Leary
Arnold Wilcox
Dick O'Neill
Charles 'Charlie' Fitzgerald Cagney
David Paymer
Todd Feldberg
Loyda Ramos
Barbara Rhoades
Cece Wentworth
Paul Sand
Robert Wolitzer
Sam Vincent
Building Super (as Samuel Vincent)