The One Without The Ski Trip

Thursday, 6th March 1997

Bright Kauffman Crane Productions
Production Company
Warner Bros. Television
Production Company

Series 3, Episode 17

The friends are caught in the middle of the whole Ross/Rachel split and trying not to take sides. They leave Ross behind in favour of a ski-ing trip but they run out of gas en route (just after they get themselves locked out of the car and have a debate about which of the three girls has the biggest boobs so they can use the underwire from their bra to get back in!). When Ross turns up to help them out it creates a heck of an atmosphere with Rachel. Ross finds solace (or tries to) in Carol, but she feels put out by it.

Oooo there is simply one word to describe this episode: uncomfortable!

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Jennifer Aniston
Rachel Green
Courteney Cox
Monica Geller
Lisa Kudrow
Phoebe Buffay
Matt LeBlanc
Joey Tribbiani
Matthew Perry
Chandler Bing
David Schwimmer
Dr. Ross Geller
Jane Sibbett
Carol Willick
Empire State Building
Empire State Building

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