Unauthorized Magic

Wednesday, 16th December 2015

Opening episode sets the scene for this series. sort of Harry Potter meets C.S. Lewis meets 90210. Attractive cast makes the most of the whimsy and occasional flashes of much darker stuff.
Streaming version has naughty words.
Laura Fraser has an odd cameo and makes no further appearances, making me wonder if she had an expanded role now on the cutting room floor.

Jason Ralph
Quentin Coldwater
Stella Maeve
Julia Wicker
Olivia Taylor Dudley
Alice Quinn
Hale Appleman
Eliot Waugh
Arjun Gupta
William 'Penny' Adiyodi
Summer Bishil
Margo Hanson
Jade Tailor
Kady Orloff-Diaz
Rick Worthy
Dean Fogg
David Call
Michael Cassidy
Wayne Pére
Professor Van Der Weghe
Laura Fraser
Female Professor
Tembi Locke
Dr. Jennifer London
Esmé Bianco
Rose Liston
Jane Chatwin
Seth Meriwether
Martin Chatwin
Brian Beckman
Rupert Chatwin
Anthony Marble
The Beast
Krystal Tomlin
Physical Kid
Kim Ormiston
Psychic Girl #1
Misty Ormiston
Psychic Girl #2
Alexandra Lucchesi
Rainbow Girl
Charles Mesure
The Beast (voice)
James Ourso
Alumni Recruiter