The Wild Wild West
The Night of the Inferno

Friday, 17th September 1965
 7:30 pm CBS

Friday, 17th September 1965CBS1930Wild Wild WestThe Night of the Inferno

Robert Conrad
James T. West
Ross Martin
Artemus Gordon
Suzanne Pleshette
Lydia Monteran
Victor Buono
Juan Manolo aka Wing Fat
Nehemiah Persoff
Gen. Andreas Cassinello
James Gregory
President Ulysses S. Grant
Tom Reese
The Driver
Walter Woolf King
Col. Kelly Shear
Phil Chambers
Train Captain
Warren Parker
The Engineer
Alberto Morin
The Majordomo
Clint Ritchie
The Lieutenant
Bebe Louie
Mei Mei
Bill Catching
Thug on Train
Bill Hart
John Hudkins
Chet Stratton

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