Only Fools and Horses
Strained Relations

Thursday, 28th February 1985
 8:20 pm GOLD

Production Company

Series 4, Episode 2

Del & Rodney pay their final respects to their grandad (actor Lennard Pearce had recently passed away in real life), but they end up lumbered with his brother, their uncle Albert, when he is left behind deliberately at the wake.

An important episode which was used to bridge the two characters of Grandad and Uncle Albert and set up the continuation of the series. Many fans have long discussed the comparison between the two characters. Personally I think the series improved and Merryfield became a huge success with the show.

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David Jason
Derek 'Del Boy' Trotter
Nicholas Lyndhurst
Rodney Trotter
Buster Merryfield
Uncle Albert Trotter
Kenneth MacDonald
Mike Fisher
Roger Lloyd Pack
John Challis
John Pennington
Maureen Sweeney
Cousin Jean
Mike Kemp
Cousin Stan
Lala Lloyd
Old lady at cemetery
Nula Conwell
Maureen the Barmaid

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