Room 222
Naked Came We Into the World

Wednesday, 24th September 1969
 8:30 pm ABC

Wednesday, 24th September 1969ABC2030Room 222Naked Came We Into the World

Lloyd Haynes
Pete Dixon
Denise Nicholas
Liz McIntyre
Michael Constantine
Principal Seymour Kaufman
Karen Valentine
Alice Johnson
Howard Rice
Richie Lane
Judy Strangis
Helen Loomis
Pendrant Netherly
Al Cowley (as Pandrant Netherly)
David Jolliffe
Los Angeles High School Choir
The Magnitudes
Teri Garr
Marianne (as Terry Garr)
Sidney Clute
Mr. Reiger
Keone Young
Howie Wong
Heshimu Cumbuka
Jason Allen (uncredited)
Mwako Cumbuka
Ernie (uncredited)
Ivor Francis
Kenneth Dragen (uncredited)
Ty Henderson
Cleon (uncredited)
Hollis Irving
Miss Evans (uncredited)
Bruno Kirby
Herbie Constadine (uncredited)
Pamela Peters Solow
Laura (uncredited)