The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes
Madame Sara

Monday, 1st November 1971
 9:00 pm ITV

Piers Haggard
Production Company

Amateur detective Dixon Druce becomes involved in a household where the eldest surviving sibling will inherit a fortune, and where the female siblings are under the sway of the mysterious title character.

This one takes a bit to get going, but once the weak supporting actors are out of the way, and Fraser and Benet are allowed to work, it gets good. Murcell and Delgado give their usual best, and the murder method is ingenious. Animal lovers and odontophobes might best steer away, though.

Based on the 1902 story "Madame Sara" by L.T. Meade and Robert Eustace, and noteworthy as the first real example of a female supervillain (oops, spoilers, I guess) in detective literature.

Monday, 1st November 1971ITV2100Rivals of Sherlock HolmesMadame Sara

John Fraser
Dixon Druce
George Murcell
Inspector Eric Vandeleur
Marianne Benet
Madame Sara
William Corderoy
Jack Selby
Jasmina Hilton
Beatrice Selby
Caroline John
Edith Dallas
Clifford Parrish
Roger Delgado
Henry Joachim Silva
Moris Farhi
Dr. Sanchez
Brenda Cowling
Nadim Sawalha
Arab Servant
Ishaq Bux
Second Arab Servant
Joe Beckett

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