Looney Tunes
Porky's Road Race

Saturday, 6th February 1937

Frank Tashlin
Warner Brothers

Porky and other Hollywood stars of the day face off in an auto race, but have to deal with the cheating ways of "Borax Karoff" and his menacing Black 13 race car.

Enjoyable early Looney Tune with some fine caricatures, especially of Edna Mae Oliver, who always was a favorite with WB animators. The real significance of this cartoon is that it was Mel Blanc's first work in animation (as the hiccups in Ms. Oliver's flivver).

Most of the star cameos should be obvious (see stills), but the Caliban and Ariel reference needs to be explained. John Barrymore began a relationship with a young college student, Elaine Barrie, who had sought him out (it would probably be called stalking today). The newspapers of the day seized on this and dubbed Barrie 'Ariel' as she pursued her 'Caliban' across the country. A suitably Shakespearean phrasing for a noted stage actor.

-Dave W.

Mel Blanc
Race Car Hiccups (voice)
Billy Bletcher
Borax Karoff (voice)
Joe Dougherty
Porky Pig (voice)
Tedd Pierce
W. C. Fields (voice)
Race Starter (voice)

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