Bad Girls

Thursday, 3rd August 2006

Series 8, Episode 4

This powerful episode sees new prisoner Stella Gough turn up at Larkhall claiming to be the daughter of the governor Joy Masterton. Eager to attract the attention of her "mother", Gough makes an immediate impression on the No. 1, but can the "Master" handle the sudden reunion?

Welcome to HMP Larkhall: Stella Gough (inmate).

Notes & Screenshots: Lord Heath

Helen Fraser
Sylvia Hollamby
Amanda Barrie
Beverley Tull
Dannielle Brent
Natalie Buxton
Liz May Brice
Pat Kerrigan
Angela Bruce
Mandy Goodhue
Victoria Bush
Tina O'Kane
Melanie Cameron
Vicky Stoke
Amanda Donohoe
Lou Stoke
Charlotte Eaton
Nurse Fitt
Ellie Haddington
Joy Masterton
Endy McKay
Helen Modern
Stella Gough
Antonia Okonma
Darlene Cake
Sid Owen
Donny Kimber
Colin Salmon
Dr. Rowan Dunlop
Nicola Stapleton
Janine Nebeski
Jeanie Gold

Lord Heath: Notes & Screenshots