Bad Girls
Playing With Fire

Tuesday, 13th July 1999

Series 1, Episode 7

Lorna is blackmailed by Zandra and Shell to smuggle drugs into the prison, whilst Nikki is devestated to discover Helen is getting married.

Notes & Screenshots: Lord Heath

Simone Lahbib
Helen Stewart
Jack Ellis
Jim Fenner
Mandana Jones
Nikki Wade
Debra Stephenson
Shell Dockley
Alicia Eyo
Denny Blood
Victoria Alcock
Julie Saunders
Kika Mirylees
Julie Johnston
Helen Fraser
Sylvia Hollamby
Joe Shaw
Dominic McAllister
Luisa Bradshaw-White
Lorna Rose
Louise Bolton
Lara Cazalet
Zandra Plackett
Sharon Duncan-Brewster
Crystal Gordon
Oliver Fox
Sean Parr
Timmy Lang
Spencer Lindsay
Jane Lowe
Monica Lindsey

Lord Heath: Notes & Screenshots