Exodus: Part 1

Wednesday, 18th May 2005
 9:00 pm ABC

Bad Robot
Production Company
Touchstone Television
Production Company

Series 1, Episode 23

There's a big surprise as Danielle wanders onto the beach to warn the survivors that they will soon be visited by 'the others'. She leads Jack, Hurley, Kate and Locke into the jungle, where they finally get to see the Black Rock - which turns out to be a shipwreck. Back on the beach, Michael has completed his raft and there is an emotional farewell with the group, nonemoreso than a brief reuniting of Jin and Sun and the handing over of ownership of the dog Vincent into the hands of Shannon.

Quite an emotional episode, especially with a touching scene between Sawyer and Jack.

Wednesday, 18th May 2005ABC2100LostExodus: Part 1

Naveen Andrews
Sayid Jarrah
Emilie de Ravin
Claire Littleton
Matthew Fox
Jack Shephard
Jorge Garcia
Hugo ''Hurley'' Reyes
Maggie Grace
Shannon Rutherford
Josh Holloway
James ''Sawyer'' Ford
Malcolm David Kelley
Walt Lloyd
Daniel Dae Kim
Jin Kwon
Yunjin Kim
Sun Kwon
Evangeline Lilly
Kate Austen
Dominic Monaghan
Charlie Pace
Terry O'Quinn
John Locke
Harold Perrineau
Michael Dawson
Ian Somerhalder
Boon Carlyle
Fredric Lehne
Marshall Edward Mars
Mira Furlan
Danielle Rousseau
Daniel Roebuck
Leslie Arzt
Michelle Rodriguez
Anna-Lucia Cortez
Kevin E. West
Det. Calderwood
Wendy Braun
Chard Hayward
Australian Official
Robert Frederick
Mark 'Ruz' Rusden
Airport Cop
Christian Bowman
Steve Jenkins

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