The Alpha Incident

Gift From A Red Planet


Bill Rebane
Studio Film Corporation
Production Company

Deadly space organism from a Mars probe is let loose while being transported by rail cross-county, resulting in a train station and its occupants being quarantined. Waiting for help, they must stay awake. . .or die.

Cheap regional take on The Andromeda Strain is too talky, but has a downbeat nastiness that makes up for its deficits. A dyspeptic-looking Ralph Meeker may be the 'star,' but Buck Flower is easily the best thing about the film, drunkenly blathering on like a modern day Gabby Hayes, and in the process giving the only nuanced performance in the cast.

-Dave W.


95 mins

20th September 2007

86 mins

Ralph Meeker
Charlie Weigel
Stafford Morgan
Dr. Ted Sorensen
John F. Goff
Jack Tiller
(as John Goff)
Carol Irene Newell
Jenny Moore
George 'Buck' Flower
Paul Bentzen
Dr. JIm Farrell
John Alderman
Dr. Rogers
Ray Szmanda
The Official
Lawrence Ripp
The Guard
(as Sir Lawrence Ripp)
Harry Youstos
(as Harry Youstes)
Official's Aide

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