Dark Star


John Carpenter

On an interminable mission to destroy unstable planets, the crew of Dark Star go quietly mad assisted by a rogue alien and a petulant bomb.

I fell in love with Dark Star and its crew of losers back in the day and galloped out to see any movie that had any involvement from John Carpenter or Dan O'Bannon thereafter which was to pay dividends time and time again. I have difficulty winning converts to the films charms courtesy of the 70s ambience it only shares with porn films from the same era...zero budget...stiff acting...dodgy sound and cinematography, but I find it imaginative and hilarious. Clearly George Lucas liked as he hired O'Bannon to do computer graphics for Star Wars, and Red Dwarf owes the film a nod of thanks too.

O'Bannon reworked the meddlesome alien loose aboard the ship concept into a little film called Alien as another bonus.

If you like the film, I urge you to seek out Alan Dean Foster's hilarious novelization and again you can play spot the Alien reference. ~ The Sloth

30th March 1974

Dark Star (Theatrical And Director's Cut Versions)
3rd July 2001


12th October 2012

83 mins

Brian Narelle
Lt. Doolittle
Cal Kuniholm
Dre Pahich
Dan O'Bannon
Sergeant Pinback
Adam Beckenbaugh
Bomb #20
John Carpenter
Voice: Talby
Cookie Knapp
Computer / 'Mother'
Joe Saunders
Commander Powell
Alan Sherertz
Bomb #19
Miles Watkins
Watkins - Mission Control
Nick Castle

Tony Sullivan: Vidcaps & Notes

Wearysloth: 20 Caps