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Jerry Warren

Utter nonsense about the villain Rat Fink, whose efforts to steal an atomic-powered hearing aid are thwarted by the title "heroine." Or something.

Yes, it's crap, and the cult of witless MSTies has kept it sniggeringly unforgotten, but it's also probably the best of Jerry Warren's films. That's not saying much, as Warren is probably the worst director of all time (yes, even worse than Ed Wood and Coleman Francis), but as Fred Beldin of AllMovie points out, its "innocent veneer, period charm, and forced wackiness" are endearing to those who like these sort of scrapings from the bottom of the cinematic barrel.

Some of the footage (especially the alley mugging that turns to murder) is from the 1959 film No Time To Kill, which was also released in the US by Warren. I believe much of the musical score is also lifted from this film, which explains both its highter quality (some nice jazz licks), as well as the presence of a track by the great Swedish surf band The Spotnicks during the climatic "wacky" chase. And of course Neon's beloved cave monsters are actually The Mole People.

Poor Katherine Victor deserved better, but to her credit she maintains her dignity throughout, though in the silly seance scene, she is quite obviously straining to avoid breaking up (and Bruno VeSota comes close, too). Most of the acting, even by the "name" actors, are meh, though Oshins and Mitchell look like they are having fun. The less said about Lloyd Nelson's "performance," the better. The fact the government wants the McGuffin (the atomic-powered hearing aid) destroyed because it can potentially listen to any conversation gives the film a sort of piquant relevance today.

-Dave W.


70 mins

Katherine Victor
George Mitchell
Prof. G. Octavius Neon
(as George Andre)
Steve Brodie
Jim Flanagan
Richard Banks
Rat Fink
Richard Banks
J.B. Christians
Steve Conte
Mel Oshins
Bruno VeSota
Bob Arbogast
Brookley, Seltzer's Assistant / Voice: Spirits in Séance
The Young Giants
(band playing on beach)
Lucki Winn
Bat Girl #14
Suzanne Lodge
Kidnapped Bat Girl
Pam Garry
Bat Girl
Sylvia Holiday
Bat Girl
Francis Bryan
Bat Girl
Leah London
Bat Girl
Lloyd Nelson
Unknown 32403
Victim in Alley
[footage from No Time to Kill (1959)]
Unknown 32403
[footage from No Time to Kill (1959)]
Tord Peterson
[footage from No Time to Kill (1959)]
Mauritz Strömbom
Night Watchman
[footage from No Time to Kill (1959)]
Lars Gullin
Saxophonist in Club
[footage from No Time to Kill (1959)]
Unknown 32403
Guy Flipping Off the Cameraman

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