The Lion Who Thought He Was People

The Lion at World's End
A Lion Called Christian


A pet lion from London is returned to the wild in Africa.

Courtesy of the viral YouTube video, Christian the Lion has become something of an internet superstar. Here is the film from which the "reunion" clip was culled. Certainly the surrounding material is just as interesting concerning George Adamson's ongoing wildlife concerns.

Although Christian's story arc has a happy ending, there are some sad moments here too, you have been warned.

Unnecessary 70s music by Pentangle.

The US Mill Creek disc (from whence the vidcaps came) is pretty sorry source material, but that's all there seems to be Stateside.

25th September 2007


25th May 2009

97 mins

Virginia McKenna
Bill Travers
Anthony Bourke
John Rendall
Terence Adamson
George Adamson

Tony Sullivan: Notes & Screenshots
Chris Survela: Title card

Chris Survela: 6 Caps