Return From The River Kwai


True story about a group of 2,218 British and Australian (and one American) POWs at the end of World War II and their bid for survival against all the odds in a camp in the jungle. They are taken by train (along the railroad they helped to build) to Saigon and then onto a boat bound for Japan, where they manage to otherthrow the enemy and take control. Freedom is almost guaranteed until a US submarine spots them and slams torpedos into their side.
An interesting fact is that this film was not released in USA cinemas because of legal reasons. [source]

The release date for the film was 1989, but I have listed the film according to the year stated on the end credits copyright, which was 1988.

Looks very much like a TV-movie; this film is in no way related to the classic The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957). The only similarity is in its title.

Edward Fox
Maj. Benford
Denholm Elliott
Col. Grayson
Chris Penn
Lt. Crawford
Tatsuya Nakadai
Maj. Harada
George Takei
Lt. Tanaka
Nick Tate
Timothy Bottoms
Seaman Miller
Michael Dante
Cmdr. Davidson
Richard Graham
Sgt. Perry
Etsushi Takahashi
Capt. Ozawa
Alexander Blaise
Exec. Officer Clancy (as Blaise Alexandre)
Masato Nagamori
Lt. Yamashita
Simplicio Cahilig
Old Vietnamese Man
Patricia Edmondson
Lady in Saigon
Paul Holm
Benford's Patient
Ryusuke Inoue
Japanese Boy
Michael Kostroff
Radio Man in Submarine
Ronnie Lazaro
Sheila McLaglen
Lady in Saigon
Lolita Mirpuri
Lady in Saigon
Andres Tepongco
Anon, village chief
Anna Maria Tirol
Meo Girl
Pierre Valderon
Frenchman in Saigon

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