World Trade Center


Oliver Stone

Earnest true story of two NYPD who end up trapped in the debris of the World Trade Center on that fateful September day. Oliver Stone plays the story straight without his usual foray into controversy, and the movie is the duller for it. ~ The Sloth

The seemingly boring scenes in the rubble just add to the realism of the tragedy of those who were trapped and without any way of communication to the outside world. Those who have not seen the movie expecting to see actual footage of the disaster will be disappointed, and the scenes which do show the buildings on fire were computer generated, according to Oliver Stone's commentary track. ~ The Lord.

9th August 2006

29th September 2006

12th December 2006

128 mins

12th December 2006

128 mins

Nicolas Cage
John McLoughlin
Michael Peña
Will Jimeno
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Allison Jimeno
Maria Bello
Donna McLoughlin
Stephen Dorff
Scott Strauss
Jay Hernandez
Dominick Pezzulo
Michael Shannon
Dave KArnes
Donna Murphy
Judy Jonas
Frank Whaley
Chuck Sereika
Patti D'Arbanville
Danny Nucci
Officer Giraldi
Armando Riesco
Antonio Rodrigues
Dara Coleman
Officer Brian Boel
Brad William Henke
Allison's Brother
Nicky Katt
Volunteer Fireman
William Mapother
Pfc Dave Thomas
Peter McRobbie
Allison's Father
Tiffany Romano
Bianca Jimeno
Kimberly Scott
Sergeant King
World Trade Center
World Trade Center
[CG shot]

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