Ocean's Twelve


Steven Soderbergh

Sequel to the 2001 movie with the same cast (+ Zeta-Jones), this time under orders to return the money they stole back in Vegas - with interest! They have two weeks to get it as well!

(A quick word about some of the screenshots: yep, that's all you see of them!!)

12th April 2005

2nd January 2006

George Clooney
Danny Ocean
Brad Pitt
Rusty Ryan
Matt Damon
Linus Caldwell
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Isabel Lahiri
Andy Garcia
Terry Benedict
Don Cheadle
Basher Tarr
Bernie Mac
Frank Catton
Casey Affleck
Virgil Malloy
Scott Caan
Turk Malloy
Vincent Cassel
Francois Toulour
Eddie Jemison
Livingston Dell
Shaobo Qin
Elliott Gould
Reuben Tishkoff
Carl Reiner
Sail Bloom
Robbie Coltrane
Eddie Izzard
Roman Nagel
Cherry Jones
Molly Star / Mrs. Caldwell
Jeroen Krabbé
van der Woude
Julia Roberts
Tess Ocean
Mini Anden
Candice Azzara
Saul's Lady
Dina Connolly
Virgil's Fiancée
Michael DeLano
Casino Manager
Dennis Di Angelo
Photographer's Assistant
Al Faris
Frank's Jail Mate
Albert Finney
Gaspar LeMarque
Adriano Giannini
Museum Director
Topher Grace
Jared Harris
Basher's Engineer
Anne Jacques
Shop Owner
Ed Kross
Bank Officer
Giulio Magnolia
Luciano Miele
Hotel Manager
Ana Caterina Morariu
Bruce Willis' Companion
Nelson Peltz
Party Goer
Mattia Sbragia
Commissario Giordano
Scott L. Schwartz
Mathieu Simonet
Backpack Kid
David Sontag
Plainclothes Goon #1
Larry Sontag
Plainclothes Goon #2
Martina Stella
Nagal's Assistant
Craig Susser
Men's Club Waiter
Nerissa Tedesco
Palm Reader
Don Tiffany
House Painter
Giselda Volodi
Toulour's Butler
Jeroen Willems
Bruce Willis
James Zahn
Leah Zhang
Mani-pedi Woman #2

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